UPAA General Body Meeting: 11/13/2017

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Tonight, UPAA held a philanthropy night. Morgan, the service chair, let a project from Pitt Serves. We made blankets for dogs in shelters.




On November 7, UPAA held a speed networking event with associates from Baker Tilly and BDO. Members of UPAA were divided into five groups. Each group spent around fifteen minutes with an associate, prior to rotating. This event gave members the opportunity to ask questions and learn about working in both audit and tax.

Grant Thornton: Workplace Dynamics 10/2/2017



The meeting began with general club announcements. The Philadelphia Networking Trip was mentioned along with the Pitt Business Block Party. UPAA is also doing a philanthropy event at the Ronald McDonald House on October 29.

Then, Catie Cohn, the campus recruiter from Grant Thornton, and Jordan, a senior manager in audit, spoke. Grant Thornton’s motto is “status go,” meaning they are looking to the future and trying to change public accounting. Their ideal clients are Russell 2000 clients, the biggest private companies. Grant Thornton focuses on cross-functional work, meaning that tax, audit, and advisory all work closely together. Culture is the number one goal of Grant Thornton, because they want to retain their employees to keep clients happy and offer a higher quality of service. Grant Thornton focuses on their employees’ work, life balance and offers unlimited paid time off. Jordan also spoke about the strengths of the five generations currently in the workplace: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Jordan discussed how to deal with the stereotypes associated with the different generations. Grant Thornton focuses on using traits from all generations to move their company forward.

KPMG: Your Personal Brand 9/25/2017



Tonight, Caroline Quinn, the campus recruiter for KPMG, and two KPMG professionals spoke about professional branding. Caroline highlighted the importance of making a good first impression, because there is never a second chance to make one. Dressing for success is key in making a good impression. The presenters went over appropriate attire for business professional, business casual, and neat causal. The professionals also discussed networking tips. Both formal and informal networking are crucial. The steps to networking are planning, attending, and following up. It is important to research the firm before a networking event and to send a follow up email afterward. When interviewing, it is important to know the firm, know yourself, know the interview process, and to make sure the interviewer knows and remembers you. Caroline also mentioned the possibility of participating in the upcoming KPMG case competition.


PwC: Interview & Resume Tips 9/18/2017



At the beginning of tonight’s meeting, we went over announcements including the upcoming career fair. There was also a reminder to download the Suitable app and to continue checking Handshake for career opportunities. Nancy, the PwC campus recruiting manager, along with other PwC professionals, came to speak with us. Nancy gave us some background on PwC. Five dimensions including relationships, business acumen, technical capabilities, whole leadership, and global acumen form the critical framework of PwC. The firm provides lots of feedback to their associates and interns in these categories. PwC also offers a casual and supportive environment as well as payments towards student loans for their associates. Nancy then gave tips for resumes and the career fair. She said it is essential for students to set up their voicemail, so recruiters can contact them. Nancy also recommended having a short objective on a resume to make it easier for recruiters to find information. Resumes should also include when the student will have 150 credits and their overall GPA. A student’s resume should be limited to one page and include any study abroad and leadership experience. Nancy said the best ways to impress a recruiter at a career fair are to be positive, genuine, and direct. She also recommended speaking to staff members at the career fair. Nancy also discussed the WMTS seasonal winter internship opportunity at PwC.

Deloitte: Interviewing Tips 9/11/2017




At the beginning of tonight’s meeting, we went over announcements including the upcoming career fair. There was also a reminder about the site visit to EY this upcoming Friday. Then Kirsten, the campus recruiter from Deloitte, spoke about interviewing. Deloitte utilizes behavioral interviews, where the interviewer asks about personal experiences. Students often go off on tangents while answering behavioral questions. To correct this mistake, interviewees should use the STAR method. Students should describe the situation, talk about their task, tell of the action taken, and then explain the result. Kirsten also mentioned that if a student gets an interview with Deloitte, it means he or she met all the requirements on paper. Therefore, the purpose of the interview is for the company to get to know the student and vice versa. Kirsten also said that it is important to keep body language under control in an interview, and it is not necessary to take notes. Kirsten recommended researching the company to come up with questions that allow the interviewer to tell a story. At the end of an interview, it is good to send a thank you email. Kirsten also talked about the positions Deloitte is currently recruiting for.

General Body Meeting 8/28/2017

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Tonight, we had our first meeting of the semester. Each member of the executive board introduced themselves and described their position. In addition, the board went over the schedule, dues, and information regarding active membership.

Dues are $25-give to Nick or Richard as soon as possible!

Baker Tilly: Culture and Networking 4/17/17

baker-tilly-logoTonight, Tina Pelone from the audit practice at Baker Tilly came to speak to us. Baker Tilly is one of the fifteenth largest public accounting firms in the nation. It is continuing to grow through mergers and acquisitions. The firm is also part of an international network. Tina talked about the large amount of face time she has with clients at Baker Tilley and the ability to network. She also discussed the strong culture at the firm. Baker Tilley is currently driving to have more women in management positions. Baker Tilley also offers a flexible dress code, good paid time off benefits, and the ability to work from home on Fridays.