KPMG Info Session 10/10/16



Guest Speaker: Caroline, Campus Recruiter | KPMG

Caroline, a campus recruiter for KPMG came in the Public Health Auditorium on Monday night to speak about opportunities available at the company. She discussed how to approach your first year of work after college, citing that this year is critical in career development and networking can help to enhance this tremendously. She then reviewed KPMG’s ten critical attributes, which include asking questions, communication skills, and taking pride in your work. These were highly emphasized as essential qualities in KPMG employees. However, the number one attribute that will lead to success in the first year is a positive attitude. To conclude, Caroline discussed work-life balance at KPMG. Some of the highlights were 25 personal days for new associates and also offering flexible work arrangements, including shared leave programs for full-time employees. We would like to thank Caroline for taking the time to speak to us on behalf of KPMG and this allowed our members to gain valuable knowledge about the company.


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