Ernst & Young: Creating Your Personal Brand 9/26/2016



Guest Speakers: Advisory, Assurance, & Tax Professionals | Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young came in tonight to speak to us about their experiences with the firm and the immense amount of opportunities available in areas such as Assurance, Advisory, and Tax. Mr. Grabowski and five former interns discussed how they were able to gain an edge in the hiring process after graduation, including the fact that full-time offers can be transferred to gain opportunity in other cities. The representatives were able to give direct insight on the aforementioned focus areas and also discussed the “Build Your Brand” objective. This is intended to allow individuals to grow and stand out in the business world. Ernst & Young is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and is internationally recognized, working with large companies like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Giant Eagle, PNC, and Bayer in the Pittsburgh office alone. UPAA members had the chance to discover more about EY’s culture and mentorship focus, with pizza and drinks being provided at the meeting.


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