Grant Thornton Info Session 9/12/2016




Guest Speaker: Luke Ratke, Partner | Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton came in tonight to discuss their firm and the opportunities they have for our students. They are the fifth largest accounting firm in the U.S., focusing mainly on mid-sized public firms and larger private firms looking to go public. In addition to offering a dedicated track for employees to advance through to the role of Partner, they offer a Managing Director path designed for individuals who prefer significant compensation over maintaining ownership in the company. Mr. Ratke talked briefly about how he worked his way up to his current position, explaining how he spent time at Pwc and took on a managerial role for an industrial client along the way. Ultimately, Mr. Ratke emphasized that the culture of Grant Thornton was very important to him and that the amount of opportunity offered to him is very motivating. To conclude the meeting, he offered us an opportunity to participate in a site visit on September 30th at their corporate office on the North Shore.




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