PwC Info Session


Presentation from Nancy Dilthey, Head PwC Recruiter

The presentation began at 9:15. Attendance was around 35.

Nancy spoke about the 5 different levels of opportunities available to college recruits. These opportunities covered everything from freshman programs to full-time hiring positions. Nancy asked for each class level to raise their hands in order to get a better idea of the class-distribution in the room. The attendance was heavily upperclassmen, so she focused more on the opportunities for students graduating within the next couple of years. The main focus of the presentation was the discussion of PwC’s Elevate program. The Elevate program is a 1-3 day summer leadership conference designed to give select, high-achieving students the opportunity to spend a few days networking with PwC employees and participating in team-building exercises.

Nancy moved on to discuss PwC’s core tax and audit internships, explaining that the recruiting season for these positions is in the fall. It was made very clear that it is important to be aware of your intended graduation date, as this has a very significant impact on students’ eligibility for summer internship positions.

The presentation was concluded with a brief Q&A session. Afterwards, Nancy stayed to chat with students and answer further questions. The meeting was over at around 10:15.


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