BDO Info Session

BDO came in to present at Mervis Hall. Leslie Poot, main recruiter, brought 4 other BDO employees, each from different parts of public accounting. Leslie ran the presentation, giving a brief overview of BDO. She did a very good job of describing the size and reach of the firm, explaining that it is somewhere between the Big 4 and the Regional firms.

After the presentation, she began to call out specific playing cards (e.g. Ace of Spades) which she had distributed prior to the presentation. If a student’s card was called, that student had to ask a question. She called about 4 or 5 different cards, which provided for about 20-25 minutes of Q&A. The presentation was geared to give students a clearer understanding of the differences between audit and tax.

Overall, the presentation was engaging and it ran smoothly. After it was concluded some students stayed to chat with recruiters and pick up pamphlets/random gifts.

Administratively, a sign up sheet was distributed for the mentor/mentee program. Members were also reminded about the Big 4 Panel.


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