UPMC Employment Information


The UPAA would like to thank Maria Gerardi for coming in and sharing some information about UPMC’s employment programs. Ms. Gerardi started off with a few details about UPMC, including the fact that it is the largest employee in Pennsylvania with 62,000 employees. She also talked about their two programs: the summer associate program and the finance manager rotation program.

The summer associate program an 11 week, paid full-time internship. The program includes great opportunities to meet with executives within UPMC, including the CFO. The program also includes some fun trips with the other interns including a pirates game and a duck-boat ride. About half of all interns receive full-time offers so this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door at UPMC!

The finance manager rotation program consists of four, six-month rotations within different areas of UPMC. The program also includes involvement in leadership programs and interactions with senior management. Graduates from the rotation program typically only take two years to get to a senior level whereas it would typically take a employee five years. This program is a great opportunity for seniors and it is also offered from people interested in info systems.

The UPAA would like to thank everyone for the great turnout and thank Maria and her colleagues again for taking the time to meet with us!


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