EY Site Visit Recap

The UPAA would like to thank MaryBeth and her Ernst & Young (EY) colleagues who welcomed us to EY’s office. The visit began with a short overview of the firm including its core values, some of the different services they provide, and the community outreach programs they have. We then took a short break to grab some food, which included fantastic sandwiches, salad, and cookies.

Once everyone was happily fed we moved on the main event of the day, the employee panel. We asked several employees questions that ranged from the best way to sit for the CPA to the support you receive when you are first starting out at EY. A unique aspect to EY was the presence of counselors who help out with new employees. The counselors are in another division where you can come to them if you have problems with your team or adjusting at work. They also can help you if you want to transfer to a different city or division.

After we had tired out the employee panel with all of our questions MaryBeth took us on a tour of EY’s offices. We saw the partner offices which all had great views as well as the lunchroom and the cubicles which you can reserve for when you come into the office.

Don’t forget that UPMC is coming in on Friday and Relay for Life is this weekend; hope to see everyone at both!!


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