Lou Testoni, MAcc Exec-in-Residence, Gives Key Job Search Advice.

The UPAA was thrilled to have Lou Testoni, the executive in residence for the MAcc program, come in and spend some time with us. Lou shared some tips for drafting a killer resume, nailing your interviews, and landing a job or internship. Some key points to remember include:

• Your resume should be different for each job or internship you apply for. Do some research on what that company looks for in its employees and tailor your resume towards that.
• When preparing for an interview, come up with three key attributes that you think set you apart. Keep these in mind during you actual interview and make sure you have an example prepared for each attribute.
• When searching for jobs and internships look for companies that you think are a good fit for you and recruit students with profiles similar to yours.

Lou Testoni also talked a little about the MAcc program and the opportunities it presents. He said if you have the option you should certainly consider it and it really sets you apart in the eyes of employers. The program will not only set you apart academically but it will help you develop as a professional as well.
The UPAA would like to thank Lou Testoni for spending his time with us. Don’t forget to sign up for canning and Relay for Life!


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