Schneider Downs Resume Workshop a Success!

The UPAA was excited to have Michael Collins and several colleagues from Schneider Downs come in for a resume workshop on March 5th. Michael presented some of the dos and don’ts regarding resumes and went through a bad example of a resume as well as a good example. The most important points he stressed regarding what should be on a resume include:

  • Your work experience and organizations that are fairly relevant to the job
  • When you will have your 150 hours
  • Using action words when describing your work experience
  • Making sure your resume is error free

     Michael kindly answered many of our questions, including what they look for most in a resume. Michael said that there are three major things he looks for when evaluating a potential employee or intern: can you perform the job, will you perform the job, and can he see himself working with you. He said that some of this comes out in an interview but that he can also tell a lot about a student’s motivation and whether they would be a good fit for Schneider Downs from their resume. Keep these tips in mind when writing your own resume and hopefully it can get you that dream interview!

     UPAA would like to thank Michael Collins and his colleagues for spending their valuable time with us and sharing some of his pro tips for resumes. Everyone have a great spring break and don’t forget to sign up for Relay for Life!


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